Happy Thanks-Caregiving


We are thankful for those who are Caregivers today, those  who will be Caregivers tomorrow and especially those who have been Caregivers in the past.


We share in our Caregiving Journey with each other in a special way, knowing that while our roads might be different, our paths are filled with comfort and joy from the support we receive from each other!

From our Caregiving Journey to yours…Happy Thanksgiving from                  ‘The Purple Jacket‘ and The Bow Tie Guys’



‘The Bow-Tie-Guys’

Remember…We Might Have Cancer...

But Cancer Does Not Have Us! 





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10 responses to “Happy Thanks-Caregiving

  1. Park Avenue Mansion

    Happy Thanksgiving, you guys!!!!


    Kathy & Mike Petetit

    Innkeepers Park Avenue Mansion, Luxury Inn at historic Lafayette Square




  2. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you and all caregivers. May you have a wonderful day, filled with abundant blessings.


  3. A happy and healthy Thanksgiving filled with peace, love and happiness to you both!


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