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‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ On Blog Talk Radio



On Tuesday April 23rd at 1:00 pm (est) we welcome Gail Zahtz from Car Pool Health to our ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ show on Blog Talk Radio.   You can access Tuesday’s show by clicking here!


Carpool Health is building an integrated media company to connect physician and patients with trusted information and recommended resources. Carpool strength lies in the unique identities of Communities of Practice that share common expertise, interests in diseases or treatments, and/or work together to learn and create solutions. By everyone coming together under one umbrella, and yet able to grow their personal passions and expertise within healthcare, every user can benefit.

Through our conversation with Gail, we will all learn how Carpool Health will help us all ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver.’

You can listen to Tuesday show by simply clicking here! 

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Can’t listen to our show live on Tuesday…NO Worries!  All of our ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ shows are archived for listening convenience by simply clicking here! 

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New Reseach Debunks Top Five Myths About Aging


We welcome a guest blog post from  Home Instead Senior Care!


Leading home care provider dispels common misperceptions about seniors

OMAHA, Neb. – April 11, 2013 – Many Americans fear the social impacts of aging. From wrinkles to serious health and financial concerns, aging undoubtedly creates anxiety for people of all ages. However, according to new research* released by Home Instead Senior Care®, the leading global provider of home care services for seniors, there are significant gaps between the perceptions and realities of mature age.

 The new research reveals that the majority of seniors do not experience many of the common concerns associated with aging. Younger generations can rest easy as the following myths about old age are debunked:

#1. Happiness is for the young. Not true. Only 29 percent of Millennials (age 18-30) describe themselves as very happy, compared to 44 percent of the Greatest Generation (age 66+).

#2. Your physical appearance will terrify you most. A decline in physical appearance as one ages is a secondary concern to memory loss. Memory loss was cited by more than 82 percent of American adults as a top fear, compared to 11 percent who cite beauty concerns.  

#3. Your bank account will run dry. Although more than half (52 percent) of Americans believe money is a very serious problem for older generations, only 14 percent of people over 65 lack financial resources to support themselves.

#4. Technology will outpace you. The future model of your iPhone won’t escape the older version of you. Nearly four in ten (38 percent) of Americans perceive people over 65 can’t keep up with new technology as they age. Yet, only 15 percent of seniors cite this as a serious problem.

#5. Aging undoubtedly brings loneliness. Loneliness was perceived as a major issue for older Americans by 37 percent. However, only 5 percent of seniors say it’s a very serious problem.

“Home Instead is committed to changing the face of aging. It is imperative for earlier generations – Millenials, Generation X and Baby Boomers – to distinguish myth from reality,” said Roger Baumgart, CEO of Home Instead, Inc.  “There needs to be a more realistic perception about aging as the older population rises from 800 million to 2 billion people over the next 30 years.”

Despite these misperceptions, most U.S. adults agree that older Americans lack respect from younger generations. Almost 80 percent say seniors don’t receive enough of it. Now those are words we can grow (older) on.

Listen to

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Every Tuesday at 1:00 pm. 

Access all our episodes by clicking here! 

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This Tuesday on ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ on Blog Talk Radio


On Tuesday April 9th, we welcome Shane Smith, Executive Director of Home Helpers to our ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ show on Blog Talk Radio.  You can access the show by clicking here!  


Founded in 1997, Home Helpers serves over 500 communities across the United States and Canada. Shane and is wife Jessika, are the owner/operators of Home Helpers in Weston, Florida.

When it comes to home health care, there are plenty of models to choose from.  Yet Shane and his staff offer the personal touch that makes them one of the leading Home Health Care agencies in the nation.

Through our conversation today, Shane and Jessika will demonstrate to us on how selecting the right home health care agency will help us all  ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ 

You can listen to our show live at 1:00 pm (est) by clicking here.

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Cannot listen live, NO WORRIES, all our shows are archived so you can listen at a time that is convenient for you by clicking here

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Are Your Advance Directives Up-To-Date?


As Caregivers, we often have a number of daily responsibilities on our mind in relation to the (physical) health and wellness of our Caree.   However, there are other important responsibilities that we as Caregivers have  to attend to that is not always on  the daily schedule.   One of those responsibilities is to assure that all  the Advance Directives are current and up-to-date!

We have been talking about reviewing our Advance Directives since we returned full-time to Florida last year.  Recently we visited with our attorney Jake Miller  to review our advance directives and did not realize  until we sat down with Jake, that our directives were more than six years old.  (Time does fly, even in Caregiving!) While our ‘instructions’ and ‘wishes’ were still the same, we learned from our visit with our attorney that Florida Law had changed quite a bit over the years and that we were in need of an update on our directives!






‘The Little One’ with our attorney, Jake Miller, Esq.

Here are some pragmatic reminders that will help us all ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’

  • Review your advance directives on a yearly basis:
  • Be mindful that State Laws do change and updates are needed on a regular basis:
  • When having ‘the talk’, reassure your Caree that this conversation is about their wishes, not yours:
  • Don’t pressure, reassure:
  • Keep a hard copy of the advance directives in your car at all times:
  • Consider storing your advance directive in an electronic database: I recommend Docubank :
  • Keep an updated copy of your Caree’s  medications with the Advanced Directives;
  • Always have a ‘hard copy’ of your advance directives readily available at home for emergency personnel including up-to-date information on medications:
  • Learn about the ‘Five Wishes‘ by clicking here:

While having ‘the conversation’ in regards to Advance Directives  is not always easy, assuring that your Advance Directives are up-to-date, will help reduce stress in an emergency!

Listen to: 

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Every Tuesday at 1:00 pm (EST) by simply clicking here!

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A Conversation on Home Health Care





On Tuesday’s episode of ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver on Blog Talk Radio, I had the pleasure of visiting with Ernst Olivas Nautilusfrom Nautilus Senior Home Care, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Selecting a Home Health Care agency is a critical decision for any Caregiver and their Caree.  Many States are now regulating Home Health Care agencies to assure that proper guidelines are being followed, especially when it relates to hiring competent and qualified staff.   During the conversation with Ernst, I appreciated how he goes the extra mile to ensure his staff is properly trained and placed with family caregivers accordingly.



As Caregivers, we often want to do it ourselves and sometimes giving up control can be difficult.  Yet Home Health Care can provide family Caregivers, and their Caree, with the needed respite care that is critical, so that everyone can ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver.’   

When considering a Home Health Care Agency, here are some simple questions to ask when interviewing an Agency:

  • Does the Agency offer a Patients Bill of Rights:
  • What are the screening and hiring policies of the agency:
  • What are the training policies of the agency:
  • How does the agency handle employees who do not report for their shift/what are the backup plans:
  • How does the agency ensure patient confidentiality:
  • What are your fees/ hourly/ daily/ overnight:
  • How closely does the supervisors work with the staff to ensure quality care:
  • Is the agency licensed:

 To listen to Tuesday’s show on Home Health Care simply click here.

To contact Ernst,  please visit Nautilus Senior Home Care website by simply clicking here.

 Join us on Tuesday March 19th  on ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ as we welcome Stu Maddux, Director and Producer of the critically acclaimed film Gen Silent to our show!


 You can  access all our ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ episodes on

blogtalkradiologo Simply click here


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‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ Every Tuesday on Blog Talk Radio


On Tuesday, March 12th at 1:00pm EST we welcome  Ernst Olivas, Jr from Nautilus Senior Home Care to our Be A Healthy Caregiver’ show on Blog Talk Radio.   

ernest 1

As A Caregiver, we are always looking for safe and competent help for our Caree. As the owner and operator of Nautilus Senior Home Care, Ernst is ‘hands-on’ when matching his clients with his staff.

Through our conversation today, Ernest will demonstrate to all of us how home health care can help is all ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver!” 

Visit Nautilus Senior Home Care website by simply clicking here.

Our show is available live at 1:00 pm with optional chat room for you to ask questions to our guest. (Our show is archived so you can listen at your  convenience.) To access our show, simply click  here.


 You can  access all our ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ episodes on

blogtalkradiologo Simply click here



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Be A Healthy Caregiver on Blog Talk Radio


On Tuesday January 29th at 1:00 pm,  we welcome Lynn and Tom Wilson from The CareGiver Partnership to our ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ show on Blog Talk Radio .

CGP_Logo Small

The Caregiver Paris a direct to consumer retailer of a wide range of home health care supplies and services from incontinence products to skin care, daily living aids and mobility.

They also now offer a host of in-home services such as fall detection and even national delivery of freshly prepared, home delivered meals.

Their mission is to help individuals remain in their home as long as possible by providing products, services and helpful information to family caregivers and their loved ones, nationally.

With all the services that The Caregiver Partnership provides, Tom and Lynn are two people who really care, while demonstrating what it means to ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver.’ 

To Listen to our show live, simply click here!

Below are some  links to pertinent Agency/Brand information for The Caregiver Partnership

a      Store – www.caregiverpartnership.com

b      Blog – blog.caregiverpartnership.com

c      Caregiver Resources Library – www.caregiverpartnership.com/resources/categories/

Our show is available live or archived online for your convenience, by clicking here.


To access all our ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ episodes on

blogtalkradiologo Simply click here




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Can You Be a Healthy Caregiver?

YES YOU CAN be a healthy caregiver!

Join our TWITTER  #carefit chat tonight at 8 pm ET with 


Denise Brown @caregiving 


Chris MacLellan @thebowtieguy

Find us on Twitter TONIGHT August 20th 8:00 PM  #carefit       
 We’ll discuss how to stay healthy as you care.





and maintain a healthy lifestyle  while you care !

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