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On Thursday July 18th at 8:00 pm (est) I am pleased to welcome Lisa Fields to ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver’ on ‘Blog Talk Radio! To listen to our show live, simply click here!

Lisa is an adult education scholar, speaker, and consultant. Her work centers on the importance of patient and health care leadership engagement  and the value of practical wisdom leadership within organizations.  Lisa’s work has been recognized by Stanford Medical School. Her passion for health care began as she served as a Mental Health Senior Practitioner, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and Director of Education within a Residential Drug Addiction Treatment Center.


You just might know Lisa on Twitter @PracticalWidsom as she is the co-founder and moderator of the Healthcare Leader Tweet Chat also known as HCLDR. This community of international health care leaders has been recognized by the Association of American Medical Colleges for providing relevance in academic medicine. Each week leaders in healthcare gather together to discuss critical issues impacting healthcare leaders. The community includes a hospital CEO, medical school professors, Epatients, scientists, physicians, music therapists and other health care leaders.  Lisa was recently invited as Jack Andraka’s guest to the White House Open Sciences “Champions of Change” due to her social media work with science and medicine.

 Lisa speaks on a variety of topics including patient and clinical engagement, attention blindness, the distracted brain, innovation, the power of listening, appreciation application, aging, educational and PowerPoint design, conflict resolution, organizational development, end of life, strength based assessment, social media/Twitter and design.

Lisa believes her curiosity and passion for “what could it be” just might have been passed down to her from her great-grandfather Dr. Samuel Hooker a well-respected chemist and magician.

On Thursday we will dive into Practical Wisdom and chat about the importance of developing your Caregiving comfort zone as a public speaker. Through our conversation with Lisa, we will all learn how to ‘Be A Healthy Caregiver!’

To listen to our show live, simply click here!

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You can find Lisa Fields at:

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